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These terms and conditions apply to the Internet service provide by - Search-il.com site activity. They do not apply to other online services which we move the visitors only through a link
‏ Access to the service of our unique system

Our system service is 100% free, we are not committed to the continuous availability of the service we provide. We reserve the right to make changes to full or partial services we provide without giving advance warning and based on our sole discretion

‏ Data analysis options

We provide quality solutions in particular, analysis of information on sites by a large number of parameters
In order to make searching for information on websites or phrases slid site home page and write any query that you want to get information on it (you can select images, movies, etc.)
‏ Data on shopping \ goods and services

We do not act as an online store, information and found the result that suits you you'll be taken to a third party which is responsible for services and not us. We do not undertake to update 100% and I am acting in accordance with the schedule and updates that we selected


Our warranty on information and external information is limited. If external information that appears in the search engine we operate especially data that appear in the pages of the corresponding values of our search engine for the goods and services, constitute grounds for complaint (for example in the areas of antitrust, copyright or trademark), contact us as soon as possible at mail info @ search -il.com, we'll review your complaint and will take care of it as soon as possible. If you came to a URL by us is a cause for complaint info@search-il.com contact us and we will see to update you in the treatment process
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